Why Trust Your Career To DRDA

With DRDA you can grow your career, grow your community and grow your life.  Professional growth and work/life balance are foundational to our culture.  We have developed extensive documentation of step by step processes (POD – Process Optimization and Documentation) for everything we do from on-boarding, to work produced, to promotion and retirement.  For those skills and knowledge that are complex and/or needed often we have a Learning Management System (DRDAU) to help transfer decades of knowledge to other members of our Firm.  These tools and resources make it easier for you to succeed with DRDA.  Quality people, in a quality environment, working together to make a difference.

Growth and Development

Firm growth only occurs with human development.  People and careers only grow when the Firm grows. DRDA is a Firm with a future.  We have on-going training and development programs for each member of the Firm.  We have Monthly Individual Meetings to make certain we stay on track with semi-annual individual development plans and reviews.  We have active and successful on-going marketing and client acquisition processes to make certain we always have a steady influx of new business.  With growth and new business you have opportunities for career advancement.

Contribute to Your Community

As a member of the DRDA family you will work with people making a difference in our community.  We recognize the importance of giving back to our community and making a positive difference.  From the areas of arts, education, health care, fitness, spiritual, recreation and others you will find DRDA team members actively involved.

DRDA Culture