"Provide the best solution for our clients be it ours or someone else's"

DRDA has spent decades developing real world solutions to everyday business issues.  As technology, resources and awareness change our solutions are updated, introduced or replaced to make certain we offer the best solution today.  With all organizations  you cannot be the best at everything.  As such we have sought out solution providers around the world that have unique skills, knowledge and abilities to serve our clients.  This approach/passion has led us to:

Multi-disciplinary approach - clients need more than one advisor.  Almost all clients need:

1. CPA
2. Attorney
3. Financial Advisor/Investment Manager
4. Risk Manager
5. Banker/Lender

6. Human Resources
7. Information Technology
8. Growth, Marketing and Sales
9. And perhaps a host of other specialists from time     to time.

We believe these services have historically been acquired in a very inefficient way. The client is usually forced to go to each professional, tell their story, ask for advice, interpret that advice, seek and bring in other professionals as needed and then formulate their own overall solution.  We believe that approach is very inefficient.

We believe it is better for the advisory team to work with you simultaneously to develop the best solution for you and your unique situation.  The advisors should talk with you and each other.  In a large corporate environment each of these disciplines are in the C suite because they recognize the importance of all of them being in agreement on the best path forward for the company.  Small and middle market businesses need this as well….just not on a full time basis.  DRDA will work with your advisors to craft the best solution for you.  If you do not have a team of advisors willing to work together then we can introduce you to professionals with proven success in each of their disciplines that will work with you.