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Posted on May 28, 2020
The SBA has just released the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application, and Douglas Dickey, CPA CEPA, gives an in depth breakdown on how to navigate the complex processes in order to complete the form properly. You will understand how to determine an FTE, and be able to calculate individual salaries, wages and forgiveness reductions. What is "Safe Harbor?" and have you met the criteria to be compliant. What documents do you need to submit, and what non-compensations are eligible for forgiveness. Download the application from www.drdacpa.com and follow along, as Doug unravels components of each form.
Posted on April 3, 2020
How has the Coronavirus effected your business? What federal plans are in place to help? Presented by Douglas Dickey CPA, CEPA, gives a thorough breakdown of the PPP  and the EIDL programs, and the new Family First Coronavirus Response Act. Find out how you can take advantage of these programs to assist your business and employees navigate this most difficult time which continues to develop.
Donald YokovichCloset Factory Houston
Please let Doug know that he did a great job describing the different options. This by far, was the best Webinar on the subject. I now better understand the difference between Economic Injury Grant and PPP. This was a great information service by DRDA! I completed applications for both and have already contacted my banker and working with them.
Greg WisdomCareMount Medical
Great Job! As usual, DRDA is ahead of the curve when it comes to regulatory changes and navigating you through red tape.
Mike ChatasBank Michigan
The presenter did a great job in keeping it simple and manageable, which is not easy, given that the content that he covered was complicated. Thanks for making the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application easy to understand!
RickOwens Transport
Great job, very thorough!
Tami Walkere Assist
Awesome Webinar! I would love to be on your email list for any future webinars
Nick SimatosLake Michigan Credit Union
Very insightful Presentation
Tam Cash
Thank you for hosting this very informative webinar on the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application. It was very helpful and answered many questions.
Nathan Love
The team holds the BEST informative seminars!!!
FaithLogic Environmental
It was very informative and answered a lot of questions.
Pamela Del BelloFranks Supply Co.
Great information - Provided information I was not aware of
Karen Robertson
GREAT informative presentation on PPP Loan Forgiveness!
Dan AltomSunbelt Texas Brokers
That was great!
Deborah SummersBank Of San Angelo
Very informative on what the borrower will need to provide the bank.