Unlock your 401(k)/IRA to fund or start your business

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How it works

Achieving financial success by investing in yourself

  • We create a corporation for you.
  • We create a new 401(k) plan for your corporation.
  • Qualified retirement funds roll into the new 401(k) plan.
  • You can now invest funds into your corporation.

A BORSA™ Plan puts your existing retirement plans funds to work for you. The BORSA™ Plan is a self-directed 401(k) plan that allows you to infuse equity from your existing 401(k) or IRA plan(s) into your own business.

Once you invest into your business, these funds can be used for the purchase of an existing business, start-up a new business, buy a franchise, or as working capital to pay normal corporate operating expenses WITHOUT being deemed a distribution subject to tax and/or penalties.

The advantages of a self-directed 401(k)

The advantages to rolling over your IRA or existing 401(k) into your self-directed 401(k) is based on the same principles and laws as your employer-funded 401(k) plan - meaning no taxes, no penalties and no interest to pay.

By investing in yourself, you are in control of your own destiny. Your new venture will start off on the right foot by having the capital to purchase a new business or franchise or your business.

Invest With Confidence

When you fund your new business using the BORSA® Plan, you can be as confident in our 401(k) business funding program as we are. Right now your retirement funds are being invested into other people’s businesses. A BORSA® Plan allows you to invest in yourself and your own company. When you are able to make more money from your business, our plan enables you to put more money/profits away for your retirement - it’s a win-win!

Our BORSA™ Guarantee

401(k) or IRA funding guarantee

We will walk you through the rollover process. If your rollover is done in accordance with our directions we will guarantee the rollover to be tax-free.

Compliance Guarantee

If DRDA is preparing your annual 5500 and you are otherwise maintaining the compliance points we educate you on, we will represent you at no cost and reimburse you for any penalty or fee should the IRS try to deem this a prohibited transaction.

Meet Suzy

National Business Development Officer

We Are Up-To-Date and Well Versed
on the Latest Laws and Compliances


We have lectured on the ERISA and IRS Sections that govern the use of 401(k)s to finance the purchase or start-up of a business or to purchase assets for your current business.


We have taught courses on compliance with this structure through NAGGL, Coleman Publishing, SCORE, and others.


We provide the SBA lender the documentation required to be compliant with any post-close reviews by the SBA.


Client Success Stories

In Summary...


Roll over your retirement plan balance into a BORSA™ Plan without tax or penalties.


Use your IRA rollover and/or 401(k) plan savings to buy, start or fund your business.


Use the BORSA™ Plan for your Small Business Administration (SBA) or conventional loan.


Our plan is tax and penalty free, allowing you to save up to 40% or more.

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