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30 Jan 2018
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Why you Shouldn't do your own Taxes

Tax season is right around the corner and maybe you’re thinking, "I'll do my own taxes this year". Well after reading this article we can almost guarantee you are going to come to the conclusion that you shouldn't. Hire the professionals at DRDA and let them do your taxes for you, so you can focus on the good things in life.


A lot of taxpayers get the idea that everything that they need to know about filing their taxes, they can find online. A lot of time the ill-advised guidance you find is insufficient, incomplete, out of date and simply amateur. When you use this information, there is a chance you could end up spending a larger amount of time, and have way more stress, than if you had just hired a professional. 


Making a mistake on your tax return can be costly, and there's nothing more aggravating, and a more pointless waste of money, than missing out on a significant tax deduction that you could qualify for all because of an error that you are unaware of. A professional is trained to look for these deductions to minimize the chances of you being audited or getting an IRS notice saying you owe more. 


Hire a professional
Professional tax preparers go above and beyond just simply completing and submitting your tax returns to the IRS – they can also provide you with seasoned guidance throughout the year and will be a huge ally if you are being audited. 


Life gets in the way
It is very rare that a taxpayer has a situation that is uncomplicated enough to complete their own tax forms. These people usually have one salary, no property, no investments or other income and no dependents. For these individuals, the IRS offers an e-filing option. For the rest of the population life is more complicated – think marriages, divorces, and childbirth not to mention purchasing a home or launching a business. A professional can work everything that life throws at you into your tax return. 


The best part of hiring a professional is the peace of mind you will get. You will have the knowledge that your tax return has been prepared and checked by someone who has seen it all and knows how to get the best return for you. 


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