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22 Jan 2018
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How to Start a Business With no Capital

Starting up a business is an exciting venture, as long as you have the capital to back you. If you are just starting to think about starting your empire, but have no idea where to begin, this article will cover the first steps you should take to begin making your dream a reality. Diversifying your sources of capital is a way to make sure you can weather any potential storm that comes your way.


Personal investment:

Who better to invest in you, than you? The first person that should be investing in your business is you – either with your own money or with collateral on your assets. This will prove to bankers and other potential investors that you are committed to your project and you are ready to take risks.


Bank loans are the most common form of capital for small and medium-sized businesses. Different banks offer different advantages. Whether you need customized payments or personalized services, it is always a good idea to do some research before settling on a bank. When you go into the bank, make sure you have a solid business plan, great credit, and a proven track record.


This is a term to describe wealthy individuals or retired company executives who will invest directly in small companies and firms owned by others. More often than not, they are leaders in their field who will not only invest their money, but also invest their contacts and business knowledge to help you succeed. Angels are known to keep a low profile, and in return for risking their money, they reserve the right to supervise your companies management practices, have a seat on the board of directors and get full assurance of transparency.


The mentioned options are only a few of the resources that you can use to make your company a success. Do some research and find which path is right for you and your needs. When you find out what road you would like to take, make sure to call the great team at DRDA to handle all of your financial needs.

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