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08 Jan 2018
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Bookkeeping Foundation

To be successful, one of the first things you should get in the habit of doing is your books. Even the smallest mistake can cause the biggest setbacks – including improper cash flow and improper tax filings. They can be the downfall of any business. This article will show several different ways to propel your accounting department into the winners' circle and pave the way for your business. 

Hire a Professional
Being the owner of a business means that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Being pulled in a million different directions, you need help. Hiring a professional accountant brings in a trained financial eye that will build and perfect your bookkeeping process. You might not even be aware of all of the tax deductions you’re missing. DRDA has a team of highly trained professionals who would be happy to help build your bookkeeping foundation and help your business thrive. 

Don't check out
Even though you now have a professional accountant backing you up, that doesn't mean you should fall asleep at the wheel, Whatever your level of understanding is, it’s always a good idea for you to understand the basics of accounting, including profit, expense, accounts receivable and profit per customer just to name a few. Ask questions and be involved.

When it comes to the tools your accountants need, you don't want to skimp. A good system is worth the money. There are a lot of options out there, so make sure you get a system that works for your business needs and one that you will actually use. If you only have a basic understanding of accounting, don't get a system that comes with a phone book sized manual. 

Document your process
Write down everything you do when you are starting your bookkeeping process. No matter who looks at it, the process will be done the way that you want it done and prevent any unnecessary confusion. Consistency is a key factor for good bookkeeping and will help you to spot any potential errors. 

Bookkeeping is something that can either make or break your company. The best thing to do is get a firm hold on it from the start – so you will be stress-free to focus on your passion instead of number crunching all day long.


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