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28 Apr 2017
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What Makes a BORSA Plan from DRDA Different?

When it comes to using your retirement funds, tax-free and and penalty-free, to invest in yourself through a BORSA Plan, why wouldn’t you put your trust in DRDA’s 20 years of expertise successfully guiding countless entrepreneurs to their financial goals?


At DRDA, we are not a one-size-fits-all firm simply trying to send you along the sales chain. There are no sales pitches or monthly quotas here. But rather, a real human connection with a real interest in helping you achieve your goals.


No doubt, we want your business at DRDA, but we want it the right way. If a certain financial situation might not work out, we’ll tell you. We always give clear, direct answers and work with you to make an honest assessment of your BORSA options. We won’t sell you something you don’t need.


You get a personal guide and financial mentor at DRDA. We are with you every step of the way. More than that, we hold ourselves accountable to you through stringent reporting and ongoing compliance.  


And when you do have a question, the answer is just a phone call away. You won’t have to leave a message and hope it gets passed along to the right person. You won’t have to wait for a response from someone you might have never even talked to before. When the phone rings at DRDA, you’ll be talking to the right person right away.


If you’re interested in honest answers about using a BORSA Plan to start your own business, give Suzy a call at 281-954-6023 and let’s start this journey together. Or, if you’ve grown frustrated with your existing firm, we can help with that too. It’s time to put your goals in the hands of someone who treats them like their own. Doesn’t your financial future deserve to be more than part of a salesperson’s commission?


Click or call us at 281-954-6023 to learn more and put 20 years of local, dedicated BORSA expertise to work for you.

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