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31 Mar 2017
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Video Blog - TSA

Kathleen McMordie is passionate about helping people become better swimmers. She turned her passion into a business that started in her backyard and grew from there. When it became time to expand, she started exploring her options through SCORE Houston and the local Small Business Development Center.


She was led to DRDA and a BORSA plan. With guidance and support from Suzy and DRDA, she was able to use her 401(k) to fund the expansion of her business and build a facility that kept up with her goals.


A BORSA plan is a self-directed 401(k) plan that allows you to infuse equity from your existing retirement plan(s). This equity can be invested in qualifying employer securities (stock) in your company.


Learn more about how the BORSA works to fund your new business or franchise by visiting us at http://www.drdacpa.com/borsa

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