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22 Jun 2017
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Aren’t You a Safe Investment?

If you have a typical 401k or IRA your money is being invested in other people’s businesses. Your retirement hinges on the success of companies over which you have no control and whether or not you are able to retire comfortably is largely out of your hands. You’re subject to the whims of an unpredictable stock market in a volatile economy.


This might work for those happy to continue their day jobs for years to come while waiting for the day they can retire. They’re happy sitting on a big pile of money hoping it doesn’t disappear at the next economic downturn. But if you’re not like them and want to follow your dreams and take the future into your own hands, then DRDA CPA’s has exactly what you’re looking for.


What if you could unlock your 401k/IRA (and 403b for teachers) to use as startup funds, tax-free and penalty-free, right now and invest in yourself?


With a BORSA Plan you can do just that. A BORSA plan allows you to create a corporation and then buy stock in that corporation using funds from your 401k/IRA. You can use all or some of the money as startup funds, and even combine funds with other people. Your money can then be used to buy a business, start a business, or add capital to a current business. You can also use it for the down payment on an SBA loan.


If it sounds complicated, don’t worry. Suzy will walk you through the entire process and be your personal guide along the way. She’s been helping people invest in themselves for over a decade as the National Business Development Officer at DRDA, one the area’s top accounting firms.


Your dreams of owning your own business shouldn’t have to wait for retirement. You can invest in yourself right now and start being your own boss.


So what will it be? Continue going to work everyday for years and years at a job you don’t really like? Or throw off the chains of corporate America to go out on your own and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit?


The money you need is already yours. Let Suzy help you unlock it.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to call Suzy at 281-954-6023 or email suzy@drdacpa.com

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