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27 Nov 2017
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8 Things to Consider Before Hiring a CPA

Make sure your CPA fits your needs.  

Be sure that you know exactly why you’re hiring a CPA. Some CPAs focus more on personal needs and some more on the needs of a company or corporation. Another great question to as is whether you will need additional services such as retirement or estate planning down the road.

Make sure the CPA communicates and respond to your requests.  

Just like in a healthy marriage, good communication is key. You want a CPA that both communicates in a timely manner, as well as one who can explain complex ideas to you in a simple way.

Know the difference between a CPA and a tax preparer.  

CPAs will have more knowledge than tax preparers, as well as better understanding on a variety of subjects like business consulting, bookkeeping, retirement planning and much more. DRDA has expert staff available that can handle all your financial needs.

Be wary of CPAs who base their fee on a percentage of your refund.  

Some CPAs will certainly base their fee contingently on the amount of your return. This is perfectly legal, but generally we advise to select a CPA that charges a flat fee.

Find a reputable CPA who will sign your tax return.

It’s illegal for a CPA to not sign a tax return he or she prepared, but ultimately the responsibility ends with you. You don’t want to be on the hook for your CPA’s mistakes.

Find a CPA firm that’s been around and will be around.

Look into how long your potential CPA firm has been around – it’s a good way to gauge if they’ll be around for years to come. Based on AICPA statistics, DRDA is in the top 5% of our industry so you can count on us to be around to assist you with all your financial needs, both personal and for your business.

Ask for referrals

You need to be able to trust your CPA. Your finances are a big deal. It’s always best to ask your family and friends for recommendations for a reputable CPA. Or you can come straight to DRDA. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

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